Director Sheila Nortley reveals inspiration behind latest video for Shingai single ‘Too Bold’

FRIDAY 12 MARCH 2021, LONDON ENGLAND— Director Sheila Nortley unveils her latest video for Noisettes frontwoman, Shingai.

The video is for the songstress’ new single, Too Bold and is a celebration of Black women around the world. The video will be released on Monday 8 March, International Women’s Day, and has already garnered support from the likes of singer Jamelia and Queen and Slim Actress Jodi Turner-Smith.

The multi-award-winning director filmed the video in the heart of south London’s Crystal Palace Park. The location was home to the 1851 and 1911 Festival of the British Empire. A colossal manifestation of imperial propaganda, it housed a decadent showroom for artefacts, tropical flora, fauna, exotic animals and people taken from across the globe to display.

In the video for ‘Too Bold’ the ruins of empire become a playground of reclamation for Shingai. In this space she invites people to observe Black women once more. This time as empowered and bold individuals who are beyond the scrutiny of anyone but themselves.

We are taken on a journey as Shingai looks for reconnection between little ‘Shing’, her younger self and the woman she has become. Whilst on this path, she encourages future generations not to compromise their dreams or succumb to limitations. She chases her childhood self, played by Nana Akua Agyeman, through a maze to give her back her flowers – a metaphoric gesture to make peace with childhood trauma.

More than just a music video ‘Too Bold’ is a testament to pivotal elements of the past, much of which is still unspoken, to the legacies we decide to create from this and our inherent magic.

Of the video Sheila says “Many of us are still healing and many of us still exhibit behaviours which shock and surprise us at times because we haven’t dealt with childhood trauma. Too Bold is a new age anthem addressing the negative effects of external factors, from culture, teachers, boys, men, media on our self-esteem.”

“It’s advice to little girls growing up now and also to the little girls that big women still carry inside. Don’t dim your light for anyone, baby girl. No one”

The video has several cameos from a diverse spectrum of talented female musicians and producers: Big Joanie, Izzy (Black Honey), Fay Milton (180db/ Savages), DJ Lara Fraser, Jelly Cleaver, Nadia Javed, Beverly Ishmael and Harriet Doveton (formerly The Tuts). The women stand their ground with epic composure, some with their instruments in hand.

It is extremely rare to see so many female artists from different genres/scenes in one video, but in this ground-breaking piece, Shingai and Sheila lead the charge and create the future that we deserve to see on screen. It Is a triumphant celebration of sisterhood and the video boldly states that regardless of gender, age, heritage or style, Black women are here to stay.

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• Too Bold will be released on all streaming platforms from today with the video premiering on YouTube.



WEDNESDAY 20 JANUARY 2021, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM —- Multi-award-winning Director Sheila Nortley showcases a spectrum of Black British talent in the latest music video for Noisettes vocalist and guitar vixen, Shingai out today. ‘We Roll’ is the first single from Shingai’s debut solo album, Too Bold.

Sheila and Shingai transform Brixton Street Gym into a joyful celebration of London’s Black diaspora. The ‘We Roll’ video with its bold statements and anthemic message has authenticity and soul at its heart, allowing Shingai to shine a spotlight on the community that continues to inspire her.

Fans can expect to see the very best in Black British excellence with guest appearances from creatives such as Alxndr London (Artist), Inua Ellams (Playwright), Adjani Salmon (Filmmaker), Julian Knxx (creative director) and rising stars (Made in Zwe).

Sheila uses the video as her canvas to capture Shingai’s ode to the loves in her life including her African roots through synchronised Bantu dance routines, and brings an element of Shingai’s signature love of afrofuturism by featuring ‘Kar-Go’, Europe’s first driverless car. This is the first time the car, which is powered by A.I and developed by William Sachiti, the founder of the
Academy of Robotics, has taken centre stage in a music video.

Of the video, Shingai says “There’s no-one else that could have brought this vision to life apart from Sheila. There’s no-one else who could have brought out the amazing cameos you’re going to see in ‘We Roll’, the different sides of me. Sheila brought out the glamourous sides, sides that I don’t feel so confident about”. The video is out now on YouTube.



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Sheila Nortley to produce new Harlan Coben Adaptation ‘Stay Close’ for Netflix

Sheila Nortley to produce new Harlan Coben Adaptation ‘Stay Close’ for Netflix

THURSDAY 7 JANUARY 2021, LONDON, ENGLAND — Sheila Nortley will join the production team for the forthcoming Harlan Coben adaptation ‘Stay Close’.

Cush Jumbo (The Good Fight), James Nesbitt (The Missing), Richard Armitage (The Stranger) and Sarah Parish (Bancroft) have been set as cast in the series which will is being produced for Netflix. Juliet Charlesworth (Happy Valley) is series producer and Daniel O’Hara (The Stranger) is lead director and an exec producer.

In keeping with previous Coben adaptations at Netflix, Stay Close will be relocated from the U.S. to the UK. The story follows three people living comfortable lives who each conceal dark secrets that even the closest to them would never suspect; Megan (Jumbo), a working mother of three; Ray (Armitage), the once promising documentary photographer, now stuck in a dead-end job pandering to celebrity obsessed rich kids, and Broome (Nesbitt), a detective who’s unable to let go of a missing person’s cold case. 

The show is being co-produced by Red Productions, an indie with passion for working with the best writers on modern and innovative programming. Since its launch in 1998 under Nicola Shindler, they’ve produced some of the UK’s most popular and critically acclaimed drama series including Scott and Bailey (ITV), The Stranger (Netflix) and Last Tango in Halifax (BBC One).

“I’m so pleased to be working with NETFLIX and the team at RED.” Nortley said. “The script is phenomenal and we have a stellar cast including Cush Jumbo and James Nesbit bringing this gripping British thriller to life”

Sheila’s most recent credits include Breathe and I Am Mary.

Production on Stay Close begins in early 2021


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Director Sheila Nortley has been selected to direct ‘I Am Mary’, as part of the ‘I Am’ film series.

This series of ornate and cinematic shorts are based on iconic figures from the traditional Christmas story with a modern twist and highly diverse cast. Nortley tackles the first female protagonist, Mary.  

“I am always fascinated by the concept of what it means to be a ‘strong woman’ or a ‘strong black woman'” says Nortley. “The mask that we’re all forced to wear when in fact we may be heartbroken or breaking. If we could remove that mask from Mary – one of the most revered women in the Abrahamic faiths – then perhaps we could all consider removing our masks, allow ourselves to be vulnerable and heal.”  

In this modern retelling written by Kay Jegede, Colette Dalal takes on the title role of Mary.  

Having seen the previous episodes, what story does Nortley hope to tell? “There were many dynamics to the story including trauma, survivor guilt, vulnerability; dispelling myths about what it means to be a strong woman is something I’m personally very passionate about. I really connected with the script”    

I am Mary is Nortley’s second directorial role and continues to solidify her place as the future of compelling British cinema. The film follows its predecessors I Am Joseph (2019) and I Am Pilate (2020) directed by Tomisin Adepeju and Femi Oyeniran respectively.      

“We wanted to humanise Mary and in doing so allow an audience to not only empathise with her but present a Mary who could be relatable enough to learn from”

“The truth is most of have experienced heartache or trauma – many of us are still carrying it or experiencing it – after a difficult year for all we wanted to give a message of hope at this poignant and reflective time of year.”  

The short, and “I AM” series, is produced by Stephané Alexandre. Working alongside an award-winning young and sundry team, including BAFTA and Emmy award-winner Matthew Barrett and BAFTA-nominated cinematographer Miles Ridgway, Stephané is bringing Four8’s inspired, inclusive creativity to the forefront.

I Am Mary is available on YouTube now.


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• I Am Joseph has been featured in Academy Award qualifying festivals, with the most recent short, I Am Pilate being both BIFA and BAFTA qualifying.

• You can visit the official I Am Mary website at

Sheila accepted to BFI Network x BAFTA 2021 Crew

Sheila accepted to BFI Network x BAFTA 2021 Crew

• • • • • •

Congratulations are in order as Sheila Nortley has been invited to join the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew 2021

The year-round programme provides a bespoke series of monthly masterclasses, roundtables and sessions with BAFTA-winners, nominees and wider industry as well as structured networking events and mentoring opportunities.

Katie Campbell, Head of New Talent at BAFTA, said: “We’re delighted to be working with the BFI once-again to bring these incredibly exciting filmmakers into the spotlight. We encourage the industry to get to know these talented filmmakers and I can’t wait to see the wonderful work they produce in the years to come.”

Upon receiving the news, Sheila said she felt “grateful and reflective” and continued “Quick message to all those striving for whatever it may be: love, peace, success. Know that there are good wholesome people who will love you even in your most difficult times.

“Forget those who thrive in oppressive, unwarranted aggression and chaos. Forget those who seek broken people to idolise them. Those low vibrations are not for you. Instead, continue to seek the salām which glorifies the Most Merciful (swt) and surround yourself with those with whom you can exchange sunshine and light 🧚🏾‍♂️

“Using this announcement to celebrate the sources of peace in my life. You know who you are ☺️✨ love you”

الحمد لله على كل حال